Normalcy or Chaos?

Jesus compared the final years before his return to the period leading up to the Great Flood of Noah. “ Just as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be ” when the “ Son of Man ” returns. Some commentators take this saying as a prediction of the return of the same conditions that existed in Noah’s day; that is, a repetition of the moral anarchy and violence that prompted God to send the floodwaters in the first place.

Tribulation and Wrath

Disciples of Jesus escape God’s wrath, but they endure tribulation. And according to Paul, the church has been appointed to tribulation . The terms “ tribulation ” and “ wrath ” are NOT synonymous in Paul’s letters or in the book of Revelation . “ Tribulation ” is what disciples endure for the sake of the gospel. “ Wrath ” is the horrific fate that awaits the wicked at the final judgment when the Lord arrives in glory.

His Repeated Warning

Christ’s ‘Olivet Discourse’ is comprised of instructions given to the disciples before his arrest and execution, and repeatedly in it, he warns that “ many deceivers ” and “ false prophets ” will come and propagate false information about his return and the end of the age, therefore, constant vigilance is necessary to avoid deception.

Proclaiming Another Jesus

When certain “ super-apostles ” began to undermine his teachings, Paul reminded the church that the “ serpent beguiled Eve in his craftiness ,” and he went on to warn against anyone who might appear among believers “ proclaiming another Jesus, whom we did not preach, or a different spirit, or a different gospel .”

Inheritance of the Saints

The possession of the land of Canaan by Israel was a preliminary stage in God’s redemptive plan, one that always envisioned something larger than Israel or a relatively small plot of land in the Middle East. With the arrival of the Messiah, the covenant promises find their fulfillment in the “ true seed of Abraham ,” namely, Jesus, and this includes the future bodily resurrection and the new creation.

Bless All Nations

Basic to the redemption of humanity is the covenant with Abraham and his “ seed ,” including the promise that “ all the nations the earth will be blessed in him ,” and that he will have innumerable descendants. How and when will the nations be blessed in the Patriarch? And who are his descendants, and most importantly, who is the true “ seed of Abraham ” who inherits and implements the covenant promises?