Слово жизни

В Евангелии от Иоанна Иисус назван Логосом, Словом, с помощью которого Бог сотворил все сущее. Эта тема прослеживается во всем Евангелии от Иоанна и основана на традиционных представлениях еврейской Библии о том, как Бог сотворил Вселенную, особенно жизнь, посредством Своего изреченного Слова. Иисус является высшим выражением этого Слова и Живым Богом.

The Last Day

Paul outlined the events that will occur at the “ arrival ” or ‘ Parousia ’ of Jesus in his first letter to the Corinthians. The Greek noun ‘ parousia ’ is one of several Greek terms Paul applied to the future coming of the Lord. Regardless of which term he used, he always described one “ coming ,” “ appearance ,” “ revelation ,” or “ appearance ” of Jesus at the end of the age.

Revelation of His Sons

There is “ now no condemnation ” of anyone “ in Christ Jesus .” This happy condition exists because the “ law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and death .” In Romans , the Apostle Paul links our salvation to the inheritance of Christ and the coming redemption of our bodies and creation itself.

Introduction to Mark

The New Testament includes four gospel accounts, the gospels of Matthew , Mark , Luke , and John . The first three are categorized as ‘synoptic’ gospels, meaning “to see together.” The term is a compound of the Greek preposition sun (“together”) and optikos (“to see”), hence - “to see together.”

Rend the Heavens!

Jesus first appears in the Gospel of Mark when John baptizes him in the Jordan River. The account identifies him with his hometown, Nazareth, a village of no consequence, though its insignificance plays a role in the story. He is the “ Servant of the LORD ” anointed by the Spirit who does not conform to popular expectations about the Messiah.

The Forerunner

All four gospel accounts apply the same passage from the Book of Isaiah to John the Baptist, the messenger who summoned men to repent “ for the remission of sins ” in preparation for the Messiah. The passage identifies John as the forerunner who was expected before the “ Day of the LORD ” - “ The voice of one crying, in the wilderness, prepare the way of the LORD ” - (Isaiah 40:3-5).