True Power

Mao Zedong famously declared that “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” This accurately represents the modus operandi of the State since the dawn of civilization. In this life, men and women can be led in one of two ways – Persuasion or Force. Invariably, the State chooses the latter. History attests to the failure of the State to rid the world of war, hunger, poverty, and suffering in general. This holds true whether the government is a monarchy, republic, dictatorship, or democracy. Utopian dreams remain just that – unfulfilled fantasies .

The Coming Tempest

The Charismatic Movement is focused on an expected final “revival” that is expected to commence at any moment accompanied by unprecedented “signs and wonders.” Billions of souls will be won, and revival will pave the way for Christ’s return. The predicted displays of the supernatural have become the rallying cry, the raison d'ĂȘtre of the Movement with its self-appointed “apostles” and “prophets.”

Starting from the Cross

The theme of fulfillment is dominant in the New Testament. In Jesus Christ, the promises of God have found their fulfillment. He is the Son of God sent to redeem Israel and rule the nations but in a most paradoxical way. Peter confirmed that he was the “ Messiah ” but failed to understand that he would undertake that role as the “ Servant of Yahweh ” who came to “ bear the sins of many .” His true identity was revealed through his self-sacrificial act at Calvary.

Our Misson

Jesus charged his followers to announce the same message to every nation that he preached, which he summarized as the “ Good News of the Kingdom of God .” Through the Risen Christ and his Assembly, God’s rule is being established but in unexpected and paradoxical ways. By the moment of his return, he will establish his complete sovereignty over the nations and subdue all his “ enemies ,” including “ Death .” Until then, his disciples must proclaim his message to the “ uttermost parts of the Earth .”

The Faith of Jesus

Having demonstrated that all men violate God’s revealed will, Paul concludes that no one is acquitted before Him “ from the works of the Law .” Instead, men and women are justified “ through the faith ” or faithfulness OF Jesus - They are reconciled with their Creator because of the gracious act of Jesus on their behalf. Since all men deserve condemnation and death, all they can do is respond with repentance and faith to what God has done for them.

Lord of History

The first paragraph of Daniel introduces its key theme - God reigns supreme over the kingdoms of the Earth . This proposition is presented in explicit statements and demonstrated by the accurate predictions of the Prophet to pagan rulers. The Book begins by announcing the overthrow of Judah and the removal of the golden vessels from the “ House of God ” to the “ Land of Shinar .”