His Victory and Present Reign

Did Jesus triumph over his enemies on the Cross and begin to rule as the Davidic King following his Death and Resurrection? Most Christians would answer, “Well, of course, he did!” Nevertheless, some popular interpretations deny this present reality by arguing that his reign over the nations of the Earth will not commence until his return in glory or some other future date or event.

The Unrecognized Savior

The inability of men to recognize Jesus as the Son of God until after his crucifixion is a central theme of the Gospel of Mark . Ironically, the first man to do so is the Roman centurion on duty at his execution. His self-identification as the suffering “ Son of Man ” made him unrecognizable to unregenerate men and even his disciples, at least for a time. He was the kind of Savior no one expected or wanted.

Preparando el Camino

Los cuatro relatos del evangelio aplican el mismo pasaje del Libro de Isaías a Juan el Bautista, el mensajero que convocó a los hombres a arrepentirse “ para remisión de pecados ” en preparación para el Mesías. El pasaje identifica a Juan como el precursor que se esperaba antes del “ Día del SEÑOR ” - “ Voz del que clama: en el desierto, preparad el camino del SEÑOR ” - (Isaías 40: 3-5).

Le Précurseur

Les quatre récits évangéliques appliquent le même passage du Livre d'Ésaïe à Jean-Baptiste, le messager qui a appelé les hommes à se repentir “ pour la rémission des péchés ” en préparation du Messie. Le passage identifie Jean comme le précurseur qui était attendu avant le “ Jour du Seigneur ” - “ La voix de celui qui crie, dans le désert, préparez le chemin du Seigneur ” - (Ésaïe 40: 3-5).

His All-Sufficiency

What identifies the people of God and determines membership in His Assembly is Jesus, especially the Messiah revealed on the cross, and nothing else! This does not mean that the Law of Moses served no purpose, but it is not the basis for determining who is acquitted of sin by God. Right standing before Him is obtained “ through the faith OF Jesus Christ ,” and not “ from the deeds of the Law .”


With the new era inaugurated by Jesus, circumcision is no longer the required sign of membership in the covenant community . Circumcision is an obstacle to any claim that disciples of Jesus are required to keep the regulations of the Mosaic Law. In the Book of Genesis , circumcision was the entrance rite of the covenant with Abraham, the identifying sign of the covenant. Moreover, it is mandatory under the Law given through Moses at Mount Sinai. Therefore, if circumcision is no longer required for membership in the covenant, then the jurisdiction of the Law has changed .