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Tax Collector Summoned

Forgiveness links the call of the tax collector to the preceding story, the Son of Man’s authority to discharge sins  – Mark 2:13-17.  When Jesus pronounced the paralytic’s sins “ forgiven ,” he offended the religious sensibilities of the scribes and Pharisees. Next, he alienates them further by reaching out to “ sinners ” that are considered especially unclean by the more scrupulously religious leaders of Jerusalem.

Authority to Forgive Sin

Jesus healed a paralytic, demonstrating the authority of the Son of Man to discharge sins  – Mark 2:1-12.  The present literary unit consists of five stories that highlight Christ’s authority and the conflicts between him and the religious authorities, primarily over issues of ritual purity and Sabbath regulations. There are parallels between the present story and the preceding one about the cleansing of the leper.