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Taking the Kingdom

Christ’s comment about violence taking the kingdom refers to violent men who attempt to seize the work of God  – Matthew 11:12.  In  Matthew , Jesus declares that “ violent men are seizing the kingdom of God .” Is he referring to malevolent men outside the church who attempt to seize control of the kingdom? Or does he mean Christians must aggressively pray and otherwise press into it? Are disciples to “ forcefully seize ” the promises from God, and does his kingdom advance through forceful action?

His Absolute Authority

The  Sermon on the Mount  is  NOT  a program for reforming civil society, implementing economic justice, or a perfect society. Instead, it provides clear instructions for how his disciples must live in the present age as faithful citizens and envoys of  HIS  kingdom. And his teachings are  NOT  optional, and Jesus concludes his discourse with a stern warning.

Kingdom Parables

Jesus taught several parables concerning God’s kingdom, its unexpected ways of expansion, and its status in the world  - Mark 4:21-34.  The gospel of  Mark  provides only a few examples of the many parables taught by Jesus (“ Apart from a parable he did not speak to the crowds ”). But in those few, the dominant theme is the kingdom of God that commenced in his ministry and has continued since whenever the gospel is proclaimed .

Parable of the Sower

The  Parable of the Sower  provides the key to understanding the other parables of Jesus. Its point is that the kingdom of God began to invade the present age with the proclamation of the kingdom of God by the “ Son of Man .” He inaugurated the process, and ever since, the kingdom has been advancing throughout the earth though largely unnoticed by humanity.