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Spiritual Warfare

Disciples wage spiritual warfare through right conduct, acts of love, and proclaiming the gospel . “Spiritual warfare” is a common topic in popular preaching, an idea derived from Paul’s words to the church in Ephesus - “ Our wrestling is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities and powers… against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places .”

Imprisonment of Satan

The Book of  Revelation  describes how Satan is bound in the “ Abyss ” for the “ thousand years ” until his release at the end of the period. During his imprisonment, he is prevented from “ deceiving the nations .” Only after he is released is he free to mislead the nations of the earth and to wage war without restraint on the church – in modern parlance,  Full-Spectrum Dominance .

Satan's Allotted Time

When Satan is expelled from heaven, a “ great voice ” warns that the “ Dragon ” is enraged since he has only a “ short season ” remaining to inflict harm on those who have the “ testimony of Jesus .” He vented his rage by persecuting the “ woman ” who produced the messianic “ son ,” but he was thwarted from destroying her. Consequently, he launched his “ war ” against her “ seed .”

Satan's Kryptonite

What Satan fears most is Christ crucified and people conforming to that pattern who will follow him wherever he goes .  I have observed that Satan offers a smorgasbord of deceptions, and I doubt that he cares which one you choose. Whatever floats your boat! But regardless of which one you prefer, one trail common to them all is the attempt to steer us away from the Word of God, and especially, from embracing and emulating the crucified Messiah.

Kingdom Herald

After his baptism, the Spirit “ drove Jesus into the wilderness ” for “ forty days and nights .” Like Moses on Sinai, the Messiah found himself alone in the Judean desert where the Devil confronted him. His only guide was the Word of God. Like Israel, he was “ tested ” in the wilderness. But unlike that nation, he overcame every test and emerged victorious from the experience - “ FULL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT .”