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End of the Dragon

Satan is released from the Abyss and launches his final attack on the saints, but he is the one who is defeated and judged . The time has come for his final demise. The book’s second literary division introduced the enemies of the “ Lamb ” - The “ Dragon ,”  Beast ,” “ False Prophet ,” and “ Babylon. ” In the third division, their destruction occurs in reverse order – “ Babylon ,” the “ Beast ” and the “ False Prophet ” together, and now, the “ Dragon .”

War in Heaven

The saints overcome the Dragon through the death of the Lamb and their faithful witness even unto death  – Revelation 12:11.  In Chapter 12 of the book of  Revelation , the “ sign of the Great Red Dragon ” appears in the heavens, signifying that the “ war ” has commenced between his forces and those of the “ son ” who is destined to “ shepherd the nations .” But the result of Satan’s attempt to destroy the “ son ” is his expulsion from “ heaven ,” and the proclamation of the victory of the “ brethren. ”

Ancient Serpent

The Beast from the sea is the latest incarnation of the ancient creature that has stalked the seed of the woman since the sin of Adam .  History repeats itself. Its landscape is littered with efforts by tyrants and empires to dominate large populations and even the entire planet. They may experience success for a time, but so far, every self-appointed world ruler has floundered in the end. The empires of Nebuchadnezzar, Caesar, and Charlemagne have all been confined to history’s dustbin.

Beast from the Sea

The Dragon begins his war on the seed of the woman by summoning his seed, the beast from the sea  – Revelation 13:1-5.  In chapter 12, the “ Dragon ” is poised to attack the “ seed of the woman ” as he stands on the seashore while summoning his “ seed ”; first, the “ beast from the sea ,” then, the “ beast from the earth .” Having failed to destroy the “ son ” and the “ woman ,” he sets out to annihilate her “ seed ,” the men and women who have the “ testimony of Jesus. ”

War on the Earth

After his expulsion from heaven, Satan attacks the seed of the Woman, those who hold the testimony of Jesus .  Having failed to destroy the messianic “ son ,” and now, thoroughly enraged, the “ Dragon ” vents his rage by pursuing the “ woman ” into the “ wilderness ,” not by waging war against the " inhabitants of the earth .” But he is thwarted in this effort, so instead, he turns his rage on her offspring – the men and women who “ have the testimony of Jesus. ”

Son versus Serpent

Next, war breaks out in “heaven” and the “Dragon” is poised to destroy the messianic son as soon as he is born  – Revelation 12:1-6.  In chapter 12, John sees a new “ sign ” in the heavens - the woman “ clothed with the sun, and the moon beneath her feet .” And she is wearing a “ crown of twelve stars .” She is pregnant and about to give birth to one identified as a “ son .” He appears in fulfillment of the messianic promise in the second Psalm – Yahweh’s king and son who is destined to “ rule the nations. ”