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Tent of Testimony

The destructive forces unleashed by the last plagues echo the destruction of the Egyptian army in the Red Sea – Revelation 15:5-8.  Having seen the saints standing victorious on the “ sea of glass ,” John now sees the “ sanctuary ” and the “ Tent of Testimony ” opened fully in “ heaven .” From it, the seven angels with the “ bowls of fury ” are dispatched to deliver their deadly cargoes to the inhabitants of the earth.

Babylon Then and Now

The story of Ancient Babylon’s demise is reflected in the sixth trumpet and the sixth bowl of wrath.  In  Daniel , on the eve of the city’s conquest by the “ Medes and Persians ,” King Belshazzar gave a feast “ for a thousand of his lords ” and “ tasted wine ” from the sacred vessels that Nebuchadnezzar had looted from the Temple in Jerusalem, thereby disrespecting the God of Israel while also praising the false gods of Babylon.

Fifth Bowl

The first “ four bowls ” destroyed the economic infrastructure used by the  World Empire  to dominate the “ inhabitants of the earth ” and wage war on the “ saints .” This undermined the very global commerce on which the “ Beast ” system depends for wealth and power. Now, the “ fifth bowl ” targets its political power and prestige.

Seven Bowls - Overview

Chapter 15 introduces the seven angels who unleash the “ seven last plagues on the earth ,” and chapter 16 describes their effects. These plagues are labeled “ last ” because they complete God’s “ wrath .” The “ seven bowls ” comprise the third sevenfold series of the book. Each series concludes with “ flashes of lightning, voices, and claps of thunder .”

Finished! - Seventh Bowl

The seventh “ bowl of wrath ” anticipates the fuller description of the destruction of “ Babylon ” in chapters 17 and 18. It echoes the Old Testament story of the plague of hail inflicted on Egypt at the word of Moses. Emptying the bowl “ on the air ” prepares for the “ great hail ” that will conclude this last “ plague ” and seal Babylon’s doom.

Sixth Bowl

The first four “ bowls ” targeted the economy of the  World Empire , and the fifth destroyed its political power. Now, the sixth “ bowl ” unleashes demonic forces that gather the “ kings of the earth ” to the final battle of the “ Great Day of God the Almighty ,” namely, “ Armageddon .”

First Four Bowls

The first four bowls target the economic infrastructure necessary for commerce and the economic health of the  World Empire . Since the “ Beast from the sea ” caused the followers of the “ Lamb ” economic deprivation, so, now, the “ Beast ” and the “ inhabitants of the earth ” suffer economic loss.

Song of the Lamb

The fifteenth chapter introduces the seven angels who empty the contents of the “ seven bowls of wrath .” But first, the “ overcoming ” saints are found standing on the “ sea of glass mingled with fire ” where they “ sing the song of Moses and the Lamb .” They have overcome the “ Beast, its image, mark, and number .”