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His Superior Word

The letter to the Hebrews exhorts believers not to abandon Jesus when difficult times come. It does so by emphasizing the superiority of what God has done in His Son, especially by comparing the old Levitical system with its imperfect provisions to the perfect priesthood and sacrifice of Jesus, and the new covenant he inaugurated by his death and resurrection.

Supremacy of the Son

The letter to the  Hebrews  is addressed to a congregation that was facing pressure from outsiders, and some members were contemplating withdrawing from the assembly and returning to the local synagogue. The letter presents arguments for why doing so will have catastrophic consequences by stressing the superiority of the “ word of the Son ” over past revelations.

His Distinguished Name

The Son achieved the “ purification of sins .” Because of this, he qualified to “ sit down at the right hand of the majesty on high ” where he now mediates as the high priest of his people. Additionally, he inherited a “ more distinguished name ,” namely, “ Son .” The Author will now demonstrate that this son is vastly superior to even creatures as mighty and glorious as angels.

His Exaltation

A key theme in the letter to the  Hebrews  is the elevation of the “ Son ” as the result of his obedient death. In his sufferings, he was “ perfected ,” and in his resurrection, God vindicated him and elevated him to “ sit down ” at the “ right hand of the Majesty on high ,” where he intercedes on behalf of his “ brethren .”

Firstborn of the Dead

In his letter to the church in Colossae, Paul stresses the exaltation of Jesus following his resurrection. It seems some congregants were confused about his authority over the spiritual powers that remained hostile to his people. So, Paul reminded the church of just how highly God exalted the one who became the “ firstborn of the dead .”