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Ekklésia - The Assembly

The New Testament usage of the term “assembly” is based on the image of Israel assembled before Yahweh for worship in the Hebrew Bible. The Greek noun rendered “church” in English is  ekklésia , meaning “assembly, congregation.” In secular Greek it may refer to an “assembly” of citizens gathered to conduct matters of state; however, that is not the sense found in the New Testament.

The Incommunicable Name

The Incommunicable Name of God, its meaning and significance, according to Joseph Bryant Rotherham .  The following article is from the Introduction to the 1902 edition of the Emphasized Bible by Joseph Bryant Rotherham ( Public Domain ). It explains the background and meaning of the Hebrew name of God, Yahweh, and the key reasons why it has been lost to a great many Christians over the centuries - [ Photo by Will van Wingerden on Unsplash ]. In what follows, I have preserved as much of the original formatting as possible. ( The Emphasised Bible, A New Translation , by Joseph Bryant Rotherham, Published originally in 1902 { Public Domain }).

Salvation of Yahweh

An angel appeared to Joseph informing him that Mary was with child “ begotten of the Holy Spirit ,” and he instructed him to name the child ‘Jesus.’ As the angel declared, “ he will save his people from their sins .” His name links him to the saving act accomplished by God for His people as promised in the Hebrew Bible.