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Holding Fast to the Word

The first literary section of the letter to the Hebrews concludes with an exhortation and an ominous warning. Any believer who fails to heed the far “ better word ” that God is now speaking in His Son will suffer an even “ sorer punishment ” than the rebellious Israelites received when they disobeyed the Mosaic Law in the wilderness.

Howling Imposters

Christ’s final block of teaching that he gave on the Mount of Olives includes several warnings about coming “ deceivers ” and “ false prophets ” intent on misleading the saints, warnings reiterated and expanded in the writings of the apostles. And his discourse began with stern warnings to “ beware lest anyone deceive you .”

Let Us Draw Near

Disciples must hold fast to their confession and approach Jesus in boldness, especially in times of great need . After urging believers to enter God’s “ rest ,” the section concludes with a description of the powerful word of God, then returns to the subject of Christ’s priesthood. Believers must strive to enter His “ rest ” while the opportunity remains - “ TODAY, hearken to His voice .”

Harden not your Hearts

After expounding on the “ household of God ” and demonstrating the superiority of the Son over Moses, the “ servant of God ,” the letter to the  Hebrews  continues with a lesson drawn from the story of Israel. During its sojourn in the wilderness, the Israelites complained bitterly against Moses for leading them to a place lacking sufficient water.

Enter His Rest

The letter continues using the example of Israel’s rebellion in the wilderness to summon believers not to make the same error of unbelief and thereby fail to enter God’s “ rest .” In the desert, Yahweh decreed that the generation of Israelites freed from Egyptian bondage would not enter the promised land. And so, disciples who fail to “ hold fast the beginning of our confidence firm unto the end ” will face a similar fate.

Do Not Drift Away

The first chapter of Hebrews stresses the supremacy of the high priest who now sits at the “ right hand of the majesty on high .” First, the eternal sovereignty of God is described (“ Your throne, O God, is to times everlasting ”), then, the qualifications of the Son for the priesthood are stated (“ You loved righteousness and hated lawlessness ”).

Undeniable Evidence

“The Spirit expressly says that in later seasons some will revolt from the faith, giving heed unto seducing spirits and teachings of demons” – 1 Timothy 4:1. I cannot presume to know why allows certain things to occur within His church, though recent events suggest possible explanations. He cares for His people, and even when He judges them, it is to correct and save them. Unfortunately, at this time, all too often the worst elements seem to rise to the top.

Seated in the Sanctuary

Jesus will not “ arrive ” on the “ day of the Lord ” until two events occur - the “ apostasy ” and the “ revelation of the Man of Lawlessness ,” and they are inextricably linked. Not only will this figure cause many to apostatize, but his unveiling will take place “ in the sanctuary of God ” where he will “ sit down .”

Son of Destruction

As Paul explains, the “ day of the Lord ” will not arrive until the “ apostasy ” occurs and the “ man of lawlessness ” is unveiled, the one who will seat himself “ in the sanctuary of God .” The Apostle also labels him “ the son of destruction ,” but is there any additional significance to this second appellation?

The Apostasy

Paul warns of the coming apostasy and connects it to the “ man of lawlessness .” To the church in Thessalonica, he explains that the “ day of the Lord ” will NOT commence until the “ apostasy ” occurs and that dark figure is revealed - two inextricably linked events. And in doing so, he reiterates warnings found elsewhere about this future apostasy.

Stand Fast!

Believers prepare for the Apostasy and the coming Man of Lawlessness by standing firm in the apostolic tradition .  Having explained the coming “ Apostasy ” and “ Man of Lawlessness ,” Paul instructs believers on how they may avoid the coming deception and find themselves standing “ blameless ” before Jesus when he “ arrives .” They must  “ stand fast ” by adhering to the teachings and  “ traditions ”  of the apostles.

Beasts in the Church

Throughout the present age, the Church is plagued with deceivers bent on misleading believers and disrupting the church .  The term “antichrist” is found only in John’s epistles. In the first one, he warns that “ it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come to pass .” And he applies the label to false teachers who originated within the church.

Lawless One Destroyed

Jesus will deal with the “ Lawless One ” at his “ arrival ” or  Parousia . In describing this, Paul employs language from Daniel’s vision of the “ little horn speaking great things ,” originally, an image representing the Seleucid ruler who attempted to destroy the Jewish faith and nation through deceit and persecution.

Until Revealed

Paul has explained why the “ day of the Lord ” has not commenced. Neither the “ apostasy ” nor the “ revelation of the man of lawlessness ” has occurred. Next, he describes the “ mystery of lawlessness ” that is setting the stage for the “ arrival ” of the “ Lawless One .” He will be unveiled when this “ mystery of lawlessness ” completes its preparatory task.

Missing Events

Two events must occur before the day of the Lord - The apostasy and the unveiling of the Man of Lawlessness, as Paul explains in his letter. The men who are spreading false rumors in Thessalonica are deceiving believers by raising false expectations about the imminence of the “ day of the Lord ” and the “ arrival ” of Jesus when he will gather his saints.

The "Last Generation" Con

SYNOPSIS: The Prophecy Industry has been telling us for generations that we are the “last generation” that will live to see the return of Jesus.  The End-Time Prophecy Industry has been telling us for generations that we are “the last generation” to exist before the return of Jesus and the many prophetic events expected to precede his arrival.