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End of the Dragon

Satan is released from the Abyss and launches his final attack on the saints, but he is the one who is defeated and judged . The time has come for his final demise. The book’s second literary division introduced the enemies of the “ Lamb ” - The “ Dragon ,”  Beast ,” “ False Prophet ,” and “ Babylon. ” In the third division, their destruction occurs in reverse order – “ Babylon ,” the “ Beast ” and the “ False Prophet ” together, and now, the “ Dragon .”

Two Beasts Destroyed

The Rider on the White Horse destroys the beasts from the sea and the earth at the last battle, Armageddon  – Revelation 19:17-21.  In chapter 19 of  Revelation , John sees the destruction of the “ Beast from the sea ” and the “ false prophet ” at the final battle when the “ rider on the white horse ” overthrows the forces of “ Gog and Magog .” The passage does not state where this occurs other than on planet earth. The focus is on the destruction of the two beasts and their consignment to the “ Lake of Fire. ”

Sixth Bowl

The first four “ bowls ” targeted the economy of the  World Empire , and the fifth destroyed its political power. Now, the sixth “ bowl ” unleashes demonic forces that gather the “ kings of the earth ” to the final battle of the “ Great Day of God the Almighty ,” namely, “ Armageddon .”

Final Battle - Armageddon

In several passages, the book of  Revelation  refers to “ the war ,” the coming assault by Satan against the followers of Jesus. In each case, the term “war” is singular, and in the Greek text, its noun form is accompanied by a definite article - it is “ THE war .” And both the Greek noun and verb are applied to the same future event.

Kings of the East

The “ sixth bowl of wrath ” presents an army led by the “ kings from the east ” from beyond the Euphrates River, a picture derived from prophecies of Babylon's overthrow by the “ Medes and Persians .” At the end of the age, God will use a “pagan” force once again to destroy “ Babylon ,” only this time, “ Mystery Babylon ” of the last days.