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Time of Tribulation

Daniel’s final vision concludes with the description of a period of intense “ tribulation ” that is about to befall the Jewish nation, one more severe than any preceding trial in its history. There are no chapter divisions in the original document, and contextually, chapter 12 is the continuation of the vision of chapters 10 and 11.

First Seal

The Lamb opened the first seal, releasing the rider with a “bow” and seated on a white horse, “conquering” and to “conquer.”   Immediately after ascending the throne, the “ Lamb ” begins to open the “ seven seals ,” starting with the first four. His right to open the scroll is based on his sacrificial death. But the opening of the seals does not yet reveal the contents of the “ sealed scroll ” itself. Breaking its seals is the preliminary step necessary before the scroll can be unfolded.

Worthy is the Lamb

The central figure in John’s visions is the slain Lamb who alone is worthy to open the sealed scroll and receive sovereignty – Revelation 5:5-14.  [ Photo by Sulthan Auliya on Unsplash ] Next, John sees the “ sealed scroll ” held tightly in the right hand of the “ One Who Sits on the Throne .” A search is made of the entire creation for someone who is “ worthy ” to open the scroll. Alas, no one is found, causing John to weep profusely. If the scroll remains sealed, its contents will not be implemented.

Sealed Scroll

The One Sitting on the Throne held a scroll sealed with seven seals. A universal search was made for one “worthy” to open it  –  Revelation 5:1-4 .  Next, John sees the scroll that is sealed shut with seven seals held in the “ right hand ” of the “ One Sitting on the Throne .” He dispatches a “ mighty angel ” to discover someone in the created order who is “ worthy ” to take and open the scroll. Despite an exhaustive search, at least momentarily, no one “ worthy ” is found.

Little Scroll

Next, John sees the scroll again, only now it is unsealed and open, signifying the time for his call to prophesy once more to peoples and kings  – Revelation 10:1-11.  The first six trumpet plagues  failed to cause the “ inhabitants of the earth ” to repent. Instead, they only hardened their hearts even more.  Something more is needed to complete “ the mystery of God .” The narrative now takes a new direction. Rather than another plague, John sees the scroll unsealed, then he is commissioned to prophesy to “ nations and kings .”

Seven Seals - Overview

Upon his arrival before the Throne, the Lamb began to open the seven seals of the sealed scroll .  The forces unleashed by the “ seven seals ” are linked often to the horrific calamities many expect before the return of Jesus, and especially so with the first four seal openings popularly described as the “ four horsemen of the Apocalypse .” Supposedly, with His patience exhausted, God plagues rebellious humanity in a last-ditch effort to bring men to repentance.

Throne and the Lamb

SYNOPSIS: The central figure of the book is the freshly slain Lamb who alone has the authority to open the Sealed Scroll, beginning with its seven seals - Revelation 4:1-5:14.  The scene in chapters 4 and 5 is the theological center of the book of Revelation and sets the stage for all that follows. Through a paradoxical victory, the sacrificial Lamb is crowned sovereign over the Cosmos.

Unsealed Scroll

At the close of his visions, an angel commanded Daniel “ to close the words and seal the book until the season of the end .” In contrast, in  Revelation , the “ scroll ” is unsealed, revealing its contents for all to see. Daniel was told to “ seal the scroll ,” but John is commanded  NOT  to do so. The verbal parallels are deliberate and telling.