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Persia Stirs Greece

The introduction to the final vision in chapter 10 did more than just portray an impressive angelic visitation. It provided verbal links to the vision of the “ Ram and the Goat ” and its interpretation. Now, additional details are presented concerning the demise of Persia, the rise of Greece and its first great king, and its division into four lesser realms.

Final Vision - Introduction

The tenth chapter of  Daniel  introduces the final vision received from one with the “ appearance of a man .” The vision is described in detail in chapter 11, and it includes verbal links to the book’s preceding visions. It begins by expanding on the vision of the “ Goat ” with a  “ prominent horn ”  that overthrew the  “ Ram ”  and the division of the Greek empire into four “ lesser kingdoms .”

Next Imperial Power

After the overthrow of the Babylonian kingdom, the new ruler appointed Daniel as his chief officer over the other civil servants of the city. This caused resentment among the other officials, so a conspiracy was hatched to destroy by trapping Daniel with his own words, even ensnaring the unwitting king in the plot.

Head of Gold Shattered

The events recorded in the fifth chapter occurred on the eve of the city’s conquest by the “ Medes and Persians .” That night, the king hosted a feast “ for a thousand of his lords ” who “ tasted wine ” from the vessels looted from the Jerusalem Temple by Nebuchadnezzar, all while praising the false gods of the empire.