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Tribulation and Wrath

Disciples of Jesus escape God’s wrath, but they endure tribulation. And according to Paul, the church has been appointed to tribulation . The terms “ tribulation ” and “ wrath ” are NOT synonymous in Paul’s letters or in the book of Revelation . “ Tribulation ” is what disciples endure for the sake of the gospel. “ Wrath ” is the horrific fate that awaits the wicked at the final judgment when the Lord arrives in glory.

Disciples and Tribulation

The New Testament exhorts followers of Jesus to expect tribulation because of their faith. While it may not be an everyday experience in the life of the church, neither is tribulation for the kingdom unexpected. And the chief cause of tribulation and persecution in the life of the disciple is his or her faithful witness of the life and teachings of Christ.

End of the Indignation

In chapter 7, the timeframe during which the “ little horn ” is authorized to wage war “ against the saints ” is described as a “ time, times, and part of a time .” At the end of the period, this malevolent ruler will lose his domain. In chapter 8, the angel Gabriel describes it as “ the END OF THE INDIGNATION, for at the appointed time will be an end .” However horrific the “ desolation ” might be, it will not last forever.

To The Assembly

The Thessalonians received the gospel in tribulation but remained faithful while anticipating the arrival of Jesus – 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10. In his opening paragraph, Paul anticipates the subjects he will discuss in the letter. This includes the tribulations of believers, the basis for Christian hope, the “ coming ” of Jesus, the resurrection of the dead, and the impending “ wrath ” on unbelievers.

Day of Visitation

Peter exhorts Christians to persevere in trials and live holy lives in the knowledge of the coming day of visitation .  Peter writes to Christians under pressure to conform to the expectations of the surrounding society. Their situation is not unique - they were members of a worldwide suffering community.

Tribulation, Kingdom, Endurance

Exiled on the isle Patmos, John is a “fellow-participant” in the tribulation, the kingdom, and the endurance, in Jesus  –  Revelation 1:9 .  John identifies himself as the “ fellow-participant ” with the churches in  “ the tribulation and kingdom and endurance  in Jesus .” He was banished to Patmos for his “ testimony ” for Jesus, and like the “ seven churches ” on the Asian mainland, he endured “ tribulation ” for the sake of the “ kingdom ” of God and his witness.

Time of Tribulation

Daniel’s final vision concludes with the description of a period of intense “ tribulation ” that is about to befall the Jewish nation, one more severe than any preceding trial in its history. There are no chapter divisions in the original document, and contextually, chapter 12 is the continuation of the vision of chapters 10 and 11.

Faithful Until Death

After persevering through persecution, the ever-faithful church at Smyrna is promised even more tribulation, but also great rewards to overcomers .  Smyrna was a seaport renowned for its beauty, and it prospered from its seaborne commerce. Unfortunately for the church, the imperial cult was well-established in the city. The origin of the congregation is unknown, and the book of  Revelation  is the only New Testament document that mentions the city .

Isle of Patmos

SYNOPSIS  -  John was exiled on Patmos for his testimony, therefore, he was a “fellow participant” in the Tribulation, Kingdom, and Perseverance “in Jesus”  -  Revelation 1:9 .  Patmos  is a small island in the  Aegean Sea  approximately ninety kilometers west of the  city of Ephesus  - Eleven kilometers long by seven kilometers wide. It is one of the smaller islands of the  Sporades , an archipelago off the west coast of  Asia Minor . Roman literature from the imperial period identifies this island chain as a place for the exile of political offenders - ( Tacitus, Ann. iii.  68; iv. 30; v. 71). - [ Photo by Marek Okon on Unsplash ].

Tribulation of the Church

In Chapter 7 of  Revelation , John sees countless followers of the “ Lamb ” exiting the “ great tribulation ” after persevering through it. This striking image is central to his vision of the “ innumerable multitude ” comprised of men purchased from every nation by the lifeblood of Jesus. Having “ overcome ,” they now stand triumphantly before the “ Lamb ” and the “ throne ” in “ New Jerusalem .”

Appointed to Tribulation

Disciples escape God’s wrath, but they endure tribulation. Indeed, the church has been appointed to suffer .  The terms “ tribulation ” and “ wrath ” are  NOT  synonymous in Paul’s letters. “ Tribulation ” is what disciples endure for the sake of the gospel. “ Wrath ” is the horrific fate that awaits the wicked at the final judgment when the Lord arrives in glory.