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Message of the Gospel

The Gospel proclaimed by Jesus of Nazareth is  NOT  about reforming a fallen society, fixing a corrupt government, or cleaning up an immoral culture. It summons all men and women to repent and join an entirely new and vastly different social order and political reality, namely, the Kingdom of God. If anything, it subverts the political ideologies and popular beliefs of this age.

For All Nations

After his resurrection, Jesus declared - “ All authority in heaven and on earth is given to me, therefore, go and make disciples of all nations! ” As the Lord over all things, he now sends his disciples to proclaim his sovereignty and salvation everywhere - to the “ uttermost parts of the earth .”

Lord of History

Both Revelation and Daniel proclaim the absolute sovereignty of God over the course of history and the fate of nations.  In  Revelation ,  the “ beast ” is “ GIVEN ” the authority to operate for a period of “ forty- two months ,” power over the nations, and the right to “ wage war against the saints and overcome them .” Satan’s creature cannot wreak havoc upon the earth or against the church until authorized to do so, and only for the time allotted.

Shepherd of the Nations

Jesus is the promised ruler from the line of David, the Shepherd of ALL nations  – Revelation 12:5, Pslam 2:6-8.  The “ son ” born from the “ woman clothed with the sun ” is the Messiah who is destined to “ shepherd the nations .” Following his enthronement, heaven declares that “ now is come the kingdom of God and the authority of His Christ .” His victory over the “ Dragon ” results in the commencement of his reign over the “ nations ” from his Father’s throne.

Rider on a White Horse

The Messiah “shepherds” the nations by the “word” that proceeds out of his mouth in preparation for the final battle - Revelation 19:11-16 .  The vision now anticipates the destruction of the “ beast ” and the “ False Prophet ” by introducing the warrior figure riding a “ white horse .” The groundwork for the coming “battle” was laid with the announcement of the victory of the “ Lamb ” over the “ beast ” and the “ kings of the earth ” in chapter 17 (For he is “ Lord of lords and King of kings ”).

Only SOME Nations?

Is the Good News of the Kingdom of God a message of hope for only SOME nations, or for all?   Often in church history, the gospel has been perverted into  good news  for some nations, but  bad news  for others. This occurs when representatives of the church of the same Jesus who gave his life for the world associate his name and message with certain nations, races, cultures, and ideologies.

Redemption of the Nations

The nations and the kings of the earth are found in the city of New Jerusalem because of the redeeming work of the Lamb .  Revelation  presents images that are jarring and paradoxical, visions that do not conform to popular expectations about how God works. His plans to subjugate His enemies and judge the nations differ radically from traditional notions. Just as his contemporaries did not understand Jesus, so we also fail to comprehend the “ slain Lamb ” who reigns from God’s throne.

Hope for ALL Nations

The Gospel of the Kingdom announced by Jesus is a message of life and salvation for men and women in every nation .  After his resurrection, Jesus declared - “ All authority in heaven and on earth is given to me, therefore, go and m ake disciples of all nations !” - As the  Lord over all things , he dispatched his disciples to proclaim his sovereignty and the good news of salvation to men in every nation, whether Jew or Gentile, rich or poor, male or female, even to the “ uttermost parts of the earth .”