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Arrogant King of the North

Beginning with the division of the Greek empire, the angel outlines the coming conflicts between two of the subsequent realms that will culminate in the rise of a “ contemptible ” ruler. Previously, the rise and division of the Greek empire were portrayed in the vision of the “Ram” and of the “ Goat ,” representing the realms of the “ Medes and Persians ” and “ Greece ,” respectively.

Persia Stirs Greece

The introduction to the final vision in chapter 10 did more than just portray an impressive angelic visitation. It provided verbal links to the vision of the “ Ram and the Goat ” and its interpretation. Now, additional details are presented concerning the demise of Persia, the rise of Greece and its first great king, and its division into four lesser realms.

Two Little Horns?

The figure called the “ little horn ” figures prominently in Daniel’s visions. It is explicitly named in the visions of the “ fourth beast ” and the “ ram and goat .” It is reasonable to assume both visions portray the same figure. The historical references in the first vision are enigmatic, in the second, they are explicit.

Little Horn - Identity

The image of the “ little horn ” is a key component of Daniel’s visions. It represents a king from one of the four Hellenic kingdoms that evolved from Alexander the Great’s short-lived empire. Passages in Daniel concerning this figure also provide Paul with the outline for his “ man of lawlessness ” in  2 Thessalonians .

Final Vision - Introduction

The tenth chapter of  Daniel  introduces the final vision received from one with the “ appearance of a man .” The vision is described in detail in chapter 11, and it includes verbal links to the book’s preceding visions. It begins by expanding on the vision of the “ Goat ” with a  “ prominent horn ”  that overthrew the  “ Ram ”  and the division of the Greek empire into four “ lesser kingdoms .”

King of Fierce Countenance

Next, Daniel receives the interpretation of his vision of the “ ram and goat .” In chapter 7, only the first “ beast ” can be identified with certainty – Babylon. In contrast, in the interpretation in chapter 8, two of the four kingdoms are identified by name, the kingdom of the “ Medes and Persians ” and “ Greece .”

Ram, Goat, Little Horn

Next, Daniel receives a vision of a “ ram ” and a “ goat .” The ram represents the kingdom of the “ Medes and Persians ,” and the goat the kingdom of Greece, beginning with its first great king who overthrew the “ ram .” The vision is followed by an interpretation provided by an angelic figure.