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Proclaiming Another Jesus

When certain “ super-apostles ” began to undermine his teachings, Paul reminded the church that the “ serpent beguiled Eve in his craftiness ,” and he went on to warn against anyone who might appear among believers “ proclaiming another Jesus, whom we did not preach, or a different spirit, or a different gospel .”

No Neutrality

In the book of Revelation , humanity is divided into two and only two camps – those who follow Jesus “ wherever he goes ,” and those who give their allegiance to the “ Beast from the Sea .” Members of the former group will not participate in the “ Second Death ,” but everyone without exception who takes the beastly mark will experience it in the “ Lake of Fire .” THERE IS NO THIRD OPTION .

Howling Imposters

Christ’s final block of teaching that he gave on the Mount of Olives includes several warnings about coming “ deceivers ” and “ false prophets ” intent on misleading the saints, warnings reiterated and expanded in the writings of the apostles. And his discourse began with stern warnings to “ beware lest anyone deceive you .”

Beastly Number

The number of the beast, 666, is based on the dimensions of the great image erected by Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon .  The “ Beast from the earth ,” the “ False Prophet ,” uses economic coercion and religious deception to induce men and women to “ render homage to the beast ,” and to erect an image to honor it. All who give allegiance to the “ Beast ” take its “ mark ” and “ number .” In the book of  Revelation , this description uses language and imagery from the third chapter of  Daniel .

Two Beasts Destroyed

The Rider on the White Horse destroys the beasts from the sea and the earth at the last battle, Armageddon  – Revelation 19:17-21.  In chapter 19 of  Revelation , John sees the destruction of the “ Beast from the sea ” and the “ false prophet ” at the final battle when the “ rider on the white horse ” overthrows the forces of “ Gog and Magog .” The passage does not state where this occurs other than on planet earth. The focus is on the destruction of the two beasts and their consignment to the “ Lake of Fire. ”

Beastly Economics

The second Beast employs economic pressure to coerce men so they swear allegiance to the Beast from the sea .  The “ False Prophet ” uses the economic power of the “ Beast ” against anyone who refuses to render homage to the  World Empire , and the “ mark of the Beast ” enforces submission. The ability to impose monetary penalties on nations, communities, and individuals is key to the Beast’s power.

Mark of the Beast

All men who refuse to follow the Lamb will render homage to the Beast and take its mark  – Revelation 13:16-18.  The “ False Prophet ” uses the power of the first “ Beast ” against anyone who refuses to give full allegiance to it. Its “ mark ” is an economic tool. Commerce is the lifeblood of the  World Empire , and leveling sanctions against nations and peoples is its enforcement mechanism. Economic restrictions mean deprivation and suffering for their victims.

Counterfeit Christ

In chapter 13, John sees a “ Beast ascending from the Earth ,” the “ False Prophet .” His intent is to deceive the “ inhabitants of the earth .” The first “ Beast ” that John saw “ ascending from the sea ” is characterized by its political power. In contrast, the “ False Prophet ” uses religion and propaganda to deceive, and economic control to suppress anyone who does not submit to the beastly agenda.

Beast from the Earth

The Beast from the earth mimics the Lamb. It is the mouthpiece of the Dragon and the propagandist of the Beast from the sea .  In chapter 13, the “ great voice in heaven ” pronounced “ woe ” on the “ inhabitants of the earth and sea because the Devil has descended to you, having great wrath .” He then launched his war against the “ seed of the woman ” by summoning his own “ seed ,” namely, the “ Beast from the sea ,” and now, the “ Beast from the earth. ”

Embracing the Mark

The inhabitants of the earth willingly venerate the Beast and receive its mark, although Christians are not immune from its allure .  Discussions on the Beast's “ mark ” focus on questions about what it is - medical implant, barcode, tattoo – and the significance of its “ number. ”  As important as these issues are, more critical is the question -  How is the mark implemented, and how does the believer avoid taking it ?