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Gender and Spirituality

The commonly held view that women are by nature “more spiritual” than men is debatable, at least, scripturally speaking. This is the idea that women are more “spiritual” because their emotional nature tends to render them more open to “spiritual things,” “realms,” and the like. Perhaps. But this raises the more important question – Just what do we mean by the term “spiritual”?

Do All Speak in Tongues?

Assuming that speaking in tongues is the sole “sign” of receiving the gift of the Spirit creates a problem. In 1 Corinthians, Paul indicates that not all believers do, in fact, speak in tongues, but elsewhere, he teaches that genuine believers have God’s Spirit. And if they do not, they are not true disciples of Jesus.

Apostolic Credentials

What are the marks of a genuine apostle? “Signs and wonder?” Visions and dreams? Eloquent speech and a commanding presence? Such things are wonderful and have their place, but are they criteria by which disciples of Jesus can evaluate claims of apostolic authority?