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Seven Spirits of God

Greetings are sent to the seven churches of Asia from God, Jesus, and the seven spirits of God that are before the throne .  The opening salutation in  Revelation  is from God, Jesus Christ, and the “ seven spirits of God ,” and the last phrase is unique to the book. But the idea of God having “ seven spirits ” creates difficulties since elsewhere Scripture stresses His oneness. Moreover, in  Revelation , the “ Spirit ” always speaks only in the singular.

The Son of Man

The first vision centers on Jesus in his role as the high priest who oversees the churches. When introducing himself, John did not hold up his apostolic credentials. Instead, he identified himself with the plight of the seven churches. He was a “ fellow participant ” with them in the “ tribulation and the kingdom and the endurance .” Likewise, the “ Son of Man ” is intimately involved with the care of his people.