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Spirit and Resurrection

Paul presents Abraham as the great exemplar of faith. God counted his faith as “ righteousness ” when he was yet uncircumcised, and that means He justified him apart from the “ works of the Law .” Therefore, he became the father of all men who are also “ from faith .” Circumcision was added after the promise as the “ seal ” of Abraham’s justifying faith.

The Tent Pitched by God

Jesus intercedes without ceasing for his people in the true heavenly Tabernacle, one not made with human hands . In the gospel of John , Jesus is the true Tabernacle where God dwells. Unlike the ancient structure with its inner sanctuary that only the high priest could enter, now, in Christ, His glory is visible for all men to see. No longer is His presence limited by physical walls and geographic boundaries.

Change of Law

The new priesthood after the order of Melchizedek inaugurated in Jesus means a CHANGE OF LAW . The letter to the Hebrews is structured around comparisons that demonstrate the superiority of the “ word spoken in the Son ” over past revelations “ spoken in the prophets ,” including Moses. Jesus surpasses even the Great Lawgiver.

Upon These Last Days

God has spoken His superior “ word ” in His son, Jesus - “ upon the end of these days .” This last clause refers to the end of the period epitomized by the Levitical code with its priesthood and animal sacrifices centered in the Tabernacle, and later, in Jerusalem. With the exaltation of the Son, a new and final era commenced.

One New People

Paul is adamant. Now, “ in Christ Jesus ,” no longer can there be “ Jew or Gentile .” He has “ dismantled the middle wall of partition ” that once separated Jew from Gentile, “ that he might reconcile them both in one body for God through the cross .” Having voided the “ law of the commands in ordinances ” that separated them, he is “ creating in himself one new man .”

Son of Abraham

The introduction to Matthew’s gospel declares Jesus is the “ son of Abraham .” But this is much more than another name on a genealogical list. He is the heir of the covenant promises made by God to the Patriarch. And his descent from Abraham forms the basis of the theme of fulfillment that dominates  Matthew .

Spirit of Life

In Galatia, “ false brethren ” were preaching “ another gospel ” that pressured Gentiles to get circumcised, and otherwise, to conform to the regulations of the Law. Paul would have none of it, and he responded with a series of arguments, including an appeal to the receipt of the Spirit by uncircumcised Gentile believers.

Spirit and Covenant

From the start, the promise of the Spirit has been integral to redemption and the Covenant of God with His people .  In his letter to the  Galatians , Paul links the “ promise of the Spirit ” to the “ blessing of Abraham ,” the covenant promise that God will bless the Gentiles in the Patriarch. And he is referring to the Spirit that the Galatians received “ through a hearing of faith .” Thus, the gift of the Spirit is one of the covenant promises made to Abraham.

New Covenant and the Law

SYNOPSIS  –  The “word spoken in the Son” inaugurated the New Covenant that rendered the old one obsolete  -  Hebrews 8:1-13 .  The  letter to the Hebrews  is structured around a series of comparisons that demonstrate the superiority of the “ word spoken in the Son ” over the past revelations of Yahweh “ spoken in the prophets ,” including Moses. The previous “ words ” were true revelations of God but partial, promissory, and preparatory –  Here a little, there a little . But now, “ upon the last of these days ,” He has “ spoken ” with  great finality  in one who is a “ Son .”

Incomparable New Covenant

Jesus inaugurated the vastly superior new covenant in his death, rendering the old one obsolete .  The “word” that God now speaks “ in the Son ” surpasses all the past revelations made in “ the prophets .” Jesus went beyond them, “ having achieved the purification of sins .” Consequently, he “ sat down ” at the right hand of God and inherited “ all things .”

Priest Forever

The letter to the  Hebrews  is built on a series of comparisons that demonstrate the supremacy of the “ word spoken in ” Christ over all past revelations “ spoken in the prophets .” The former “ words ” were true but partial and preparatory. But now, “ upon the last of these days ,” God has “ spoken ” with great finality in one who is a “ Son .”

From Shadow to Substance

In its eighth chapter,  Hebrews  highlights the incomparable benefits believers have received in the New Covenant inaugurated by Jesus. If the fulfillment of God’s promises has arrived in him, returning to the incomplete revelations of the past amounts to embracing types and “ shadows ” rather than the substance and reality that God has provided in His Son.

The Spirit & Inheritance

The history of Israel includes national sins that caused her expulsion from the land. But God foresaw her failures and determined to institute a new covenant, one energized and characterized by His Spirit, and one that includes the Gentiles. And it culminates in the Resurrection and the New Creation.