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Faithful Witness

In the salutation to the seven churches, Jesus is called the Faithful Witness because of his self-sacrificial death  – Revelation 1:5.  The vision of John begins  with salutations  to the churches of Asia from God, the “ seven spirits ,” and Jesus, the “ faithful witness .” The Son of God bore “ witness ” in his death, it is the pattern the “ churches ” are summoned to emulate as they give “ testimony ” in the midst of tribulation “ for the word of God .”

First Martyr

Under the guidance of the Spirit, Stephen gives eloquent and effective testimony to the leaders of Israel .  Early on, the church experienced conflicts between its Greek and Aramaic-speaking members. The apostles instructed the community to select seven men “ full of the Spirit and wisdom ” to take charge of the matter. One of the seven chosen men was Stephen, and  Acts  notes especially that he was “ FULL OF FAITH AND THE SPIRIT .”

Martyrs and Overcomers

Two themes that are repeated in  Revelation  are closely related - “ witness ” and “ overcoming .” Beginning with Jesus of Nazareth and his own martyrdom on Calvary, his followers are summoned to persevere in his “ testimony ,” and in this way, they “ overcome ” and they will emerge victorious in the city of “ New Jerusalem .” They must “ overcome, even as I overcame .”