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New Jerusalem Unveiled

The physical dimensions and shape of New Jerusalem are presented demonstrating it is ready to be populated  – Revelation 21:9-23.  At the start of chapter 21, John saw a  glimpse  of “ New Jerusalem descending from heaven .” But now, he sees it unveiled in all its glory. This next section concentrates on the city’s physical dimensions and shape.  Its enormous size staggers the human imagination, but the sufficient room necessary to contain the  innumerable multitude  destined to inhabit the “ holy city .”

New Jerusalem Descends

The next paragraph presents “ New Jerusalem ” to the book’s audience and concludes its third literary division. Having witnessed the destruction of “ Babylon ,” the “ False Prophet ,” the “ Beast from the Sea ,” and the “ Dragon ,” John receives a vision of what awaits the faithful, a portraited of the holy city, “ New Jerusalem, descending from heaven to the earth .”