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True Worship

In Samaria, Jesus revealed that the presence of God no longer is limited to geographic locations or man-made structures  – John 4:20-24.  To the woman in Samaria, Jesus reveals the proper form and location for the worship of the Father. With the advent of the Messiah, concepts, and traditions about holy space and holy time become irrelevant, and his presence renders the historical debate over the location of the Temple moot. From now on, worship must be performed  IN TRUTH  AND  SPIRIT .

True Tabernacle

Jesus is the True and Greater Tabernacle in whom the presence and glory of God reside and manifest for all men to behold  – John 1:14.  The gospel of  John  presents Jesus as the dwelling place of God, the  Greater Tabernacle  where his glory is seen. Moreover, the worship desired of men by the Father takes place “ in the spirit and truth .” Access to His presence is no longer limited to the Temple in Jerusalem or the Tabernacle in the wilderness.