Undeniable Evidence

“The Spirit expressly says that in later seasons some will revolt from the faith, giving heed unto seducing spirits and teachings of demons” – 1 Timothy 4:1.

I cannot presume to know why allows certain things to occur within His church, though recent events suggest possible explanations. He cares for His people, and even when He judges them, it is to correct and save them. Unfortunately, at this time, all too often the worst elements seem to rise to the top.

In 2008, the chief “apostles and prophets” of the Charismatic Movement very publicly “anointed” Mr. Todd Bentley for greater ministry. This was done despite his underlying problems that were evident well before that now-infamous event, and thus, the action by the “apostles and prophets” was devoid of any discernment or wisdom.

Within a few weeks of his “apostolic” installation, Mr. Bentley left his wife for another woman, and otherwise, disgraced himself. And the public humiliation of his failure for all those involved demonstrated just how clueless today’s “apostles and prophets” truly are.

More importantly, the event was publicized over the Internet, unwittingly providing irrefutable evidence these men are NOT apostles, prophets, or pastors, at least, not ones called by God. The evidence of this is right in front of us, if we only have “ “eyes to see” (YouTube Video).

More recently, broadcast from Redding, California was a scene with Bill Johnson, Che Ahn, and other “apostolic” leaders mimicking an act of wizardry for all the world to see. Copying a scene from the movie version of the Lord of the Rings, these chief leaders of the “prophetic movement” collectively struck the ground with a wizard's staff while reciting an incantation to ward off evil spirits of racism (YouTube Video of Gandalf event).
I am all for rebuking demons of racism or any other sin, but I doubt they listen to us when we use sorcery and occult tools.

The Bible condemns witchcraft and all forms of divination, yet today we have multiple examples of church leaders engaged in divination and New Age mysticism. They speak openly of recovering practices from the occult that, allegedly, the New Age Movement stole from Christianity. For example, the now widely accepted use of numerology to divine God's will. Then there are the monthly prognosticators, astrologers, and omen readers. Men and women who practice such things are NOT sent from God, for they openly do the works of the Devil, and teach and encourage others to do likewise.

What is truly different in the contemporary Christian scene is how openly pastors, apostles, prophets, and teachers immerse themselves into terms, ideas, and practices borrowed directly from the occult.

Such abuses will increase in the coming years. God has given these “apostles and prophets” over to the very demonic things for which they lust, not just to expose them, to correct and hopefully rescue them. But in the interim, we must remain separate from such deceptions and cling to the clear teachings handed down to us from Jesus and the original apostles.

What I am saying is this:  The evidence is clear. Many of the leaders of the Charismatic Movement has gone over to the occult and other deceptions, and they themselves provide the evidence for this. Bethel Church of Redding, California, for example, broadcasts their witchcraft on their own television channel. Hillsong incorporates mantras word-for-word from the pagan philosophy of Hermeticism into its music. Chuck Pierce openly teaches believers how to use numbers and lunar cycles to divine the future and God’s “destiny” for your life. And so on….

We need to remember the repeated warnings by Jesus, Paul and Peter about the MANY deceivers and doctrines of demons that would proliferate in the last days. Will we heed the abundance of evidence before our eyes and act accordingly?


Suffering Servant

The Living Word