Satan's Kryptonite

What Satan fears most is Christ crucified and people conforming to that pattern who will follow him wherever he goes

I have observed that Satan offers a smorgasbord of deceptions, and I doubt that he cares which one you choose. Whatever floats your boat! But regardless of which one you prefer, one trail common to them all is the attempt to steer us away from the Word of God, and especially, from embracing and emulating the crucified Messiah.

To borrow a phrase, “Christ crucified” is the “canon within the canon,” the measuring rod that separates truth from falsehood, light from the darkness. Any teaching or practice that runs contrary to the Cross is not of God, and contrary to His Word.

During Christ’s ministry, Satan did not comprehend this until too late; otherwise, he and his forces would never have conspired to kill the “Lord of glory.” But the Devil is no fool. He learns from his mistakes, and ever since that egregious blunder, he has devised one new scheme after another to get around the Cross.

God’s true “power and wisdom” are found in the proclamation of “Christ crucified,” His victory over sin, Satan, and death achieved on Golgotha, and the very thing that every satanic deception must resist, ignore, and twist.

In the book of Revelation, it is the “slain Lamb” who qualifies to open the “sealed scroll,” not the roaring “lion of Judah.” All Creation declares him worthy to possess all power and sovereignty. He is the “faithful witness, the first-born of the dead and the ruler of the kings of the earth,” for “by his blood,” he redeemed men and women from every nation. And so, also, his “brethren” overcome the Devil “by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and because they love not their lives unto death.”
Jesus is the final word of God, and one spoken in His Son, the same one who “achieved purification of sins,” and therefore, sat down at God’s right hand. In the crucified Messiah, all God’s promises find their “yea” and “amen.” The “mysteries hidden in the past ages” are now unveiled in him.

He is the true and greater Tabernacle in whom God’s glory now dwells, the “substance” that casts the shadows of the now obsolete old covenant. Certainly, the Law was given through Moses, but “grace and truth came to be” in Jesus Christ. He is the only one who “interprets” the Father; the full knowledge of God is found only in him.

This is the one dish you will not find served in Hell’s Kitchen. However, at Satan’s buffet, you may learn how to get super-spiritual “revelation” hidden in Hebrew letters and learn how to decipher the Jewish calendar. You can soar to the “third heaven” to receive new and greater “truths” from the “spirit realm,” and through dreams, trances, out-of-body trips, “stargazing,” “monthly prognostications,” and conversations with “angels.” Just don’t go seeking revelation, wisdom, and understanding at Calvary!

Jesus exhorted his disciples to deny themselves, to take up their crosses, and to follow him wherever he leads. It is all right there in Scripture. And that is what Satan fears the most; a church that will follow its true Lord by emulating his self-sacrificial service to others and stick like glue to his words.

The Devil understands that if we do follow Jesus, then his goose is cooked; therefore, he works overtime to trick us into going some other way or looking elsewhere for revelation; anywhere and anything but the cross of Christ and the word of God. And he has a great many alternatives to offer us instead of Christ crucified.

There is a lot of talk about how secularists, gays, liberals, and the like are out to destroy the church. But the far greater danger is posed by the deceivers within our midst, and often in our pulpits, men and women who anoint themselves to “apostolic” offices and promise us the moon. But a people conformed to the Cross of Christ and committed to his word is kryptonite to the Devil, and what he fears the most.



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